Gutters are an essential part of your home. They move water from the roof so it doesn’t damage your home, siding, or foundation. Gutters can cause problems if they become clogged with leaves and debris, which will prevent them from doing their job. Because of this, it’s essential to keep your gutters clear and working well. Let’s look at tips on how to clean the gutters.

Gather Tools to Clean the Gutters

Before climbing the ladder, make sure you have the supplies you need to successfully remove debris from the gutters. To protect your hands, use a pair of thick gloves. It’s a great idea to also wear eye protection. Use a bucket for gathering the debris or spread a tarp below your ladder. Toss the leaves and twigs down onto the tarp and later dump them into the compost pile.

Start From One End of the System

Start at one end of the gutter system and begin scooping out leaves and twigs with gloved hands. Gather the debris in your bucket or toss it down to the tarp on the ground. Remove all twigs, leaves, animal nests, and pine needles from one section before moving on to the next. A soft brush or scrubber will remove stuck-on dirt. You can also use a garden hose with high pressure to loosen debris that is stuck in the gutter channels.

Rinse the Gutters

After you’ve finished cleaning the channels, flush any remaining particles through the downspouts to make sure they’re clear. If the downspout is clogged, use a high-pressure hose to dislodge materials there.


After cleaning the gutters, inspect the system for damage. If you find problems, make repairs before moving on. Warped guttering can lead to standing water. Rust spots should be sanded and painted. Holes need to be repaired. If your guttering is badly damaged or has extensive rust, you may need to completely replace some sections. Hire a guttering professional instead of attempting DIY fixes.

Keep Up With Gutter Maintenance

Take care of gutter maintenance at least twice each year. Check them for any problems in early spring after they’ve been exposed to cold air and freezing temperatures. Make repairs before the problems lead to even bigger issues like water pooling or damage to your home’s exterior.

Reduce the Need to Clean Your Gutters

If gutter-cleaning is your least favorite home maintenance task, install gutter guards (or leaf filters). These do not completely prevent debris from getting into gutters, but they will greatly reduce the amount of leaf litter that accumulates in the channels. Adding gutter guards, along with regular cleaning, will help maintain your gutters and protect your home.

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