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9 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

The week after Thanksgiving is when most people begin decorating for the holidays. As you are planning your decorations around the home, keep in mind these holiday decorating safety tips. Indoor Holiday Decorating Safety Tips   1. Be Careful With Heat Sources Make...

3 Things You Should do to Prepare Your Home for Winter

It's Time To Prepare Your Home For Winter With winter approaching, now is the time to take care of home maintenance tasks so that your home is ready for colder weather. To make sure that your house is efficient and in good shape for the season, perform these tasks to...

Five Back-to-School Organization Tips to Give Your Kids a Head Start

Why Back-to-School Organization Matters A new school year is an exciting time. It's a chance for your kids to catch up with all their old friends and get a fresh start at school. But making sure your kids are prepared for the new year means putting everything in its...

6 Guidelines for Saving Water During Summer

Water is an important resource for everyone and having clean water should never be taken for granted. With droughts becoming more frequent and a quickly growing population, some states struggle with clean water deficits. During the summer, the average household...

Summer Yard Maintenance: 4 Easy Ways to Maximize Curb Appeal

When thinking of summer yard maintenance, tasks like mowing the lawn and planting flowers come to mind since these chores are typically hindered by winter’s grip. Here are some tips for summer yard maintenance that enhance curb appeal, which is important whether you...

Three Reasons to Test Your Home for Radon

Test Your Home for Radon to Detect Unsafe Levels Colorless and odorless, radon is a radioactive gas that is found primarily outdoors in rocks and soil. The natural breakdown of uranium emits radon in the form of gas. The gas is then transmitted through the air, and...

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