You’ve put lots of work into the landscaping outside of your house, and it makes sense that you want to show it off even after the sun sets. The best way to do so is with strategically placed lighting. Here are some of the best ways to plan your landscape lighting for maximum impact and beautiful results.

Design the Lighting Around the Landscape

Before buying light fixtures, plan the landscape lighting by focusing on things you want to highlight. Some homeowners install spotlights to highlight the unique architectural features of the house. You might prefer to add small lights along pathways to illuminate the way to the front door.

Choose areas of the landscape you’d like to highlight, and consider your current outdoor lighting capabilities. Do you have power outlets outside? Solar lighting is an option if parts of the yard get good sunlight.

Explore Techniques to Design Your Landscape Lighting

Several techniques you might use as you plan your landscape lighting. A few of the most popular options are below;

  • Shadowing projects light onto an object to create visible shadows and a dramatic effect.
  • Align lights close to focal points, drawing attention to interesting textures or shapes.
  • Install pool lighting under the water for swimming after dark.
  • Area lighting involves elevated lights shining down on different parts of the exterior. You might illuminate a patio area or outdoor kitchen where you spend time after dark.
  • Path lighting outlines walkways and staircases to boost safety.

While working on your design, integrate multiple types of lighting in different parts of the yard to accent unique features, increase safety and visibility, and maximize your enjoyment of the outdoor spaces.

Plan for an Outdoor Transformer

If your home does not have an electrical outlet outside the house, plan for electricity as you design the landscape lighting. Many lights use a low voltage transformer installed in an unnoticeable location like behind an air conditioning unit, in a garden bed, or beneath a bush. If the property is large, you may need to install more than one transformer to avoid having to run cords through the yard.

Start Small

If you are unsure how much lighting to add, start small. Add a few lighting features in places that are on the top of your list. You’ll be able to gradually add more lighting as you see areas you’d like to highlight.

Consider your neighbors in the lighting design project. Don’t aim lights that unintentionally shine into their windows. If your backyard deck is very near the neighbor’s property, installing bright outdoor lighting can be blinding even in their yard.

Use these tips to get started on your landscape lighting design. You’ll boost curb appeal and increase safety outside your home.

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