Renovating your basement increases the value of your house and provides you with more usable space. You can’t use an unfinished basement for much besides storage. Use these tips to update your basement and make it more attractive and functional.

Change the Lighting to Update Your Basement

Most basements have only a few electrical outlets and simple light fixtures without coverings. Switch out the fixtures for more decorative options. String lights offer a casual, cozy atmosphere and are easy to hang up without any electrical skills.


A ceiling with detachable tiles both conceals and enables access to plumbing and electrical connections. If you don’t want to have HVAC ducts and plumbing pipes showing in the basement, add this type of ceiling. A basement ceiling limits the amount of overhead space, but also provides a cleaner, more finished look.

Open Space

A basement with open space feels more comfortable and spacious. Reduce clutter and keep stored items neatly organized. Don’t place too much bulky furniture close together and allow for wide enough pathways for people to easily move around the basement.

Update Your Basement Flooring

The floor in your basement will set the tone of the entire space, and some flooring materials are more suitable in a basement than others. Carpets can be a recipe for disaster in a basement. Basements tend to gather moisture and risk flooding, and carpet harbors mold when it gets wet. It’s also a good idea to stay away from hardwoods, which will get damaged if they come into contact with water. Water-resistant materials like vinyl, laminate, or stained concrete are popular and smart choices for basements.

Use of Color

Lighter shades on the basement walls make a darker space feel brighter. Often, the basement walls are not in the best condition, and painting them will add new life to the space. First, fill in and sand over any holes and blemishes in the walls. Use a primer layer to cover a darker color that you are replacing with a lighter shade.

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