Purchasing a home is a big decision that will impact your life financially for many years to come. For that reason, it is important to know what you are committing to when you buy a home. Unfortunately, a property can be placed on the market with issues that are not obvious to the untrained eye. To understand the condition of the property you are purchasing, hire a home inspector. Here are a few reasons to order an inspection when buying a new home.

Order an Inspection to Find Problems

If there is something that is about to break down or cause a problem, you want to know about it before you make a purchase.

You need a home inspector to review the major systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC and to locate common problems. The inspector will also note issues like water leaks, roof damage, or termites which might cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Home Inspections Reveal Quality

A home with the same square footage and the same amenities as another will not necessarily be worth as much. The major reason is quality.

Poor workmanship and low-quality materials might have been used in the original construction or in any updates made by the homeowner. A home inspector will look for defective materials or safety concerns, and if some are found, you can adjust your offer on the home to allow for repairs.

Order an Inspection to Plan for Future Maintenance

The first thing a repair contractor wants to know when a major home system malfunctions is the age of the existing component. When was the roof installed? How many years has the heat pump been in use? If you don’t have that information available, it can be difficult to advise between repairing and replacing things.

A home inspector can closely approximate the age of equipment and determine the age of items like shingles and wiring. With the information provided in the inspection report, you can make an informed decision about the purchase and plan how to handle future maintenance with the home.

You’ll Be Better Prepared to Sell in the Future

While some people buy a home for a lifetime, others know they will sell it later, hopefully making a profit. Think of a home inspection as a tool for both you as a buyer and for your future status as a seller.

The home inspection you get when you purchase the home is a baseline for the next buyer. His or her inspection can be compared to your starting point to establish a history of repairs and upgrades, giving greater confidence to the buyer about the property improvements made during your time of ownership.

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