When thinking of summer yard maintenance, tasks like mowing the lawn and planting flowers come to mind since these chores are typically hindered by winter’s grip. Here are some tips for summer yard maintenance that enhance curb appeal, which is important whether you are selling your home or just want to beautify your property.

1. Summer yard maintenance includes the entryway.

One basic area that often gets overlooked is the main home entryway. Since many people enter their homes only through the garage door, the front door often goes unnoticed in their daily lives. Depending on the conditions, a quick sweep with a broom is all the entryway needs. Make sure to sweep up high to get rid of any spiders and cobwebs near the ceiling. While it isn’t technically part of the yard, the entryway is the first element someone sees when approaching your home and it should be clean and welcoming for guests.

2. Curb appeal includes adding interest to the front yard.

Whether planting flowers in the ground or in pots, bright colors are sure to make your home and yard attractive during the summer months. Regardless of the size of the flower bed, texture and color will add curb appeal to any home. The use of flower pots creates depth in the flower bed because of the differing heights of the pots. Yard ornaments and trellises also personalize and add character to your garden.

The foundation of any landscaped area is the non-flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. These should be trimmed, fertilized, and given proper care. With just a little summer yard maintenance, they will be dependable in providing the base for curb appeal for years to come.

3. Weeding is essential for summer yard maintenance.

There are two W’s that are cornerstones for keeping up the yard during the summer; weeds and water. Obviously, weeds are undesirable; pull them! If you don’t have time to pull weeds every few days, there are products that work well to eliminate weeds. However, they must be used with caution and consideration of the surrounding vegetation that is trying to grow.

4. Vegetation requires water.

It’s a fact that plants, including grass, need water to grow. Even the plants that are drought tolerant require some water. Water requirements for plants are usually listed on the pots when they are purchased. If the plants are already in the ground with the pots discarded, a simple search on the web can provide lots of information about the needs of all different species of plants.

Even when vacation keeps everyone away from the home, plants need to be watered regularly. If there is no irrigation system in place, a neighbor or friend is often a great help in keeping your yard looking fantastic in the summer.

Make summer yard maintenance part of your routine.

The straightforward tasks listed above performed on a consistent basis will make all the difference for the appearance of your yard. If you are selling your home, increasing your curb appeal is a huge advantage against your competition. Either way, it is always gratifying to know that you are helping to beautify your neighborhood.

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