There are many benefits to building a new home rather than buying an older home. One main reason is that you can customize the home to meet your needs and wants. However, it’s still important to schedule a home inspection on new construction before your final walkthrough with the builder.

When buying a previously-owned home, it makes sense to order an inspection and learn about issues due to damage or wear and tear. A newly constructed home may have errors and mistakes because there are many different teams completing different aspects of the home. Here are some of the main benefits of ordering a home inspection for your new home.

1. Code Inspections Have Minimal Standards

When building a home for your family, you are making a sizable investment. Because of this, homeowners shouldn’t rely on standard building code inspections to dictate the condition of their new home. While these compliance requirements are important, they only represent the minimum regulations. Code compliance is basic and doesn’t consider the quality of workmanship. A home inspection on new construction is more comprehensive and detailed than a code inspection.

2. Third-Party Home Inspectors Take More Time to Inspect the House

Municipal code inspectors are on a tight schedule. They’re hired to perform many inspections throughout the day and grant certificates of occupancy. On the other hand, an independent inspector will be more focused on the quality and workmanship of your new home. These professionals take the time to thoroughly inspect your home and provide a report noting issues and concerns.

3. Avoid Being Stuck With a Problem When You Get a Home Inspection on New Construction

When the home is complete and you finally move in, you’ll usually have a year to report any problems to the builder. This standard, one-year builder warranty covers construction-related defects discovered over the first year of living in the home. If any issues are found within this year, a warranty claim can be filed. However, if the problem is discovered or reported after the warranty expires, the homeowner will be responsible for repairs. This even includes problems that stem from initial construction.

With a home inspection on new construction, you’ll resolve any problems before you ever move in. If there are any issues discovered in this inspection, the builder should remedy them without you having the file a warranty claim, since you haven’t moved in yet. A home inspection on new construction is an initial investment that can end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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